Technology is constantly evolving. That’s why Prometheus Inspiring Technology is developing a
comprehensive, professional training program for individuals in interested in software development, UX
and graphic design, projects management, and other in-demand areas.

Software Development

While there is a entire universe of software out there, each and every bit of it serves one of the same
basic purposes-fill a need or solve a problem. Software developers are in demand because they have the
ability to identify these needs or problems, and then use their training to devise simple and workable
solutions. Prometheus software development training will help you acquire the skills necessary to create
innovative solutions that meet growing demand within a variety of industries.


Graphic Design

The quickest way to a web surfer or online shopper’s heart is through their eyes.  Study after study
shows that the best websites and apps can capture a users’ attention in just a few seconds.  If they don’t
see something that speaks to them, they click back to their results and take your hopes for high search
rankings along with them. Graphic design training from Prometheus can teach you to create appealing
images that communicate with those who see them and convince them to convert.


User Experience Design

User experience design is all about making people feel good about their interactions with the IT
products they use every day. UX design training involves learning to evaluate systems to see what can
be improved, devising workable solutions, and assessing their effectiveness. These principles can be
applied to a wide variety of areas, ranging from a system’s visual appeal and usability, to the trust users
place in the information they are provided with. Prometheus can help you master the guiding principles
of excellent user experience so you can apply them where they are of greatest use.


Projects Management

A successful IT project manager has the knowledge necessary to oversee complex projects through all
stages-from design and development to production. Their duties extend beyond planning, scheduling,
and monitoring progress, to devising risk-mitigation strategies, and even employing soft skills for conflict
management. The skills necessary to optimize development and delivery so projects can be brought
online quickly, effectively, (and within budget) are in high demand. Prometheus can help you acquire
these skills so you can feel confident overseeing a wide variety of IT projects.