Placement Services by Prometheus

Technology is constantly changing. As it evolves, so does your company’s need to employ people with
the IT skills necessary to keep it ahead of the game. Many start by advertising an open tech positions,
and then sit back, interview an occasional candidate, and hope a suitable one comes along. In the end,
finding the right people to meet can be time-consuming and costly. Chances are, most will end up with
less than they bargained for.

Fortunately, placement services by Prometheus Inspiring Technology save time and money by helping
you secure the IT talent your business needs. Our recruitment team is composed of experienced IT
professionals who understand the technology needs of different industries. By applying sourcing,
screening, and selection strategies we’ve developed over years of trial and testing, they take the
guesswork out of finding IT talent you can trust.

After minimal turnaround time, we’ll present you with a list of the most qualified candidates for each of the
positions you’ve advertised. Whether you are seeking entry-level recruits or seasoned professionals, our
placement services have the potential to save you both time and money. Best of all, with Prometheus,
you’ll see results that will help you feel confident you’ve made the right decision.