Outsourcing Brings Talent to You

Sometimes technical support and staffing needs extend beyond your company’s current capabilities.
When this is the case, outsourcing offers a convenient and cost-effective way to access the knowledge
and expertise you need. Prometheus IT outsourcing services brings human resources to you, so you have
time to focus on what your business is really about.

Prometheus supplies programmers, systems analysts, software testers, team leaders, project managers,
development managers, guides, trainers, and other skilled IT personnel where and when you need them.
Outsourcing is more cost-effective than traditional hiring models because it provides access to experts in
a variety of fields for only as long as you need them. Because rates are determine ahead of time, it is far
easier to predict and manage costs.

We can also create software solutions based on your company’s individual requirements. We offer
custom development, implementation services, maintenance, technical support, and more. We can also
supply experienced trainers when you need to familiarize your employees with the ins and outs of new
software systems.

Prometheus Inspiring Technology places a wealth of technical know-how at your fingertips when you
need it most.  Discover how IT outsourcing can help you get the job done while saving you time and