ProperTime Makes Work Management & Reporting Simpler

Keeping track of working hours and handling payroll duties can be a big challenge. On top of it
there are work schedules to create, bills to issue, expenses to pay, and the need to manage
how time is being devoted to different tasks. Putting it on paper and expecting great results just
isn’t an option anymore. Why not simplify things with a work management and reporting system
designed to make confusing piles of paperwork a thing of the past?

ProperTime is an innovative software solution designed to manage the ins and outs of
attendance-tracking, task management, scheduling, profit tracking, and other business duties
faster and easier.

ProperTime can help you to…

  • Accurately calculate attendance and absence time
  • Handle expenses, billing, payroll, and profit-tracking more easily
  • More effectively manage and track time spent on tasks
  • Keep managers and employees connected and informed
  • Manage work schedules
  • Ensure greater accountability
  • Get things done even when you are away from the workplace

ProperTime’s easy-to-use web interface allows employees and managers to connect easily and
get things accomplished wherever they are. Activity reporting, payroll functions, report
generation, and other time-consuming tasks can be completed in a fraction of the time, and with
fewer errors. You can even complete the same tasks when you have to be away from the office.

Managers will find ProperTime useful because it allows them to determine how much time is
being spent on various tasks, monitor the progress being made on particular projects, and keep
tabs of the number of hours spent working for a particular client. Once entered into the system,
data can instantly be used to generate useful reports.

Stop spending all of your time on tedious tasks so you can start spending it on what matters
most….building a srtonger bottom line. ProperTime provides the tools you need to work faster
and smarter.