Maximize Construction Project Efficiency with Keeper

Today’s building  projects require more than just blueprints, materials, and a team with the skills to
complete the work. Each job presents unique challenges: coordinating efforts, demonstrating evidence
of steady progress, staying within budget, meeting safety requirements, and more. Prometheus’
Inspiring Technology’s Keeper mobile and web application makes the process more efficient by keeping
project data at your fingertips.

Keeper offers a better way to:

  • Maintain a log of daily activities
  • Document safety measures
  • Facilitate communication between site managers and project supervisors
  • See that work is being completed on schedule and according to plan
  • Maintain an accurate record of incidents, suggestions, and concerns
  • Improve accountability

Keeper keeps projects running smoothly by helping everyone stay on the same page. It’s a convenient
way maintain up-to-date records, improve efficiency, and ensure accountability. Users simply log into
the system using their laptop or mobile device to gain access to project data. Now it is possible to create
and view activity logs, send and receive important communications, make and view safety
recommendations, and more in just a few easy steps.

Once data has been entered into the Keeper system, it cannot be deleted. This security feature helps to
ensure that when things goes wrong, data is not altered it in an attempt to erase or misplace blame.

A floor collapses in a new build injuring a worker. After examining the data stored in Keeper, it was determined
that a supervisor voiced concerns about the buildings’ structural integrity just a week earlier. Although suggestions
were offered about how to improve it, there is no indication that they were ever followed. This helped to determine
that unaddressed safety concerns were the direct cause of the incident.

Modern technology and construction go hand in hand. Keeper is one of the most important additions
managers, supervisors, builders, and others involved in this complex process can add to a well-
appointed toolbox.


See the website of the keeperforms system – Construction Monitoring Software