Jolly Takes the Guesswork out of Recruitment & Hiring

Finding qualified and talented staff to complement your technology team can be a challenging and time-
consuming process. Traditional hiring practices make it difficult to gain thorough understanding of what
each applicant brings to the table. Jolly, Prometheus innovative candidate recruitment system, takes the
guesswork out of finding the right people for the right job, RIGHT NOW!

Jolly can improve your recruitment and hiring processes by:

  • Offering convenient, software-based support
  • Helping you find and hire quality applicants more quickly
  • Reducing the time and effort spent on the hiring process and paperwork
  • Matching individuals with available positions based interests, skills, qualifications and
    customizable guidelines
  • Classifying candidates quickly and accurately
  • Automatically importing relevant records and data
  • Providing an exceptional user experience

Finding the right people for the job doesn’t have to be difficult. Jolly streamlines your current hiring
process so you can spend less time looking and more time building a better business.